November 2019 – Success…

A month of professional highs and some personal challenges- a new retainer client and my best financial month yet but coupled with the sad passing of my Nan.

Rollercoaster of a month!

My affiliation with and special offer for the members of Platf9rm paid off beautifully in the form of a new retainer client this month. Absolutely chuffed to have another under my belt creating some form of stability in this crazy land of freelancing and the best part? She’s lovely. She’s a lovely, normal human that appreciates what I do- win.

We started off with a meeting so I prepared myself with knowledge of her company and her background etc but arrived to find that it was actually more personal tasks that she needed help with and the list was a long one! I got stuck in that same day with the one spare hour I had and managed to arrange her staff Christmas party complete with e-invite for her to share with her team- a major worry off her mind. The real work would start in December and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in.

Alongside this, one of my existing clients who is building another brand for herself (as apparently she’s just not busy enough- she’s super woman) sent some more hours my way which, again, helped with the income side of things this month and put me on par with what I was earning in full time employment. I can still hear my husband’s sigh of relief!

On to the personal side of things and sadly this month I had to say goodbye to my beautiful Nan.

She was an incredibly strong, independent, supportive, kind, musical, funny woman. She always had a song in her head as was evident from the constant ‘conducting’, tapping and humming- a lovely piano player with a beautiful voice and always ready with a very firm kiss that was seemingly inescapable…

She was 99 and slipped away peacefully before any pain or worry set in so I honestly couldn’t ask for better but the sting was still felt throughout our enormous family. My daughter was her 26th great grandchild so you can imagine the size of the gathering at the funeral. She will be so so missed but I’m proud to carry some of her traits and will aim to carry on her legacy.

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