October 2019 – Focus…

In this beautiful month of endless, endless rain I have never been happier to avoid the daily commute!

Just three months in to my freelancing journey and I’m amazed at the difference I have felt in myself. It sounds cheesy but I finally feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing rather than what I just happened to fall into for the sake of paying rent. Fingers crossed I can make it last.

Some exciting developments this month and remaining focussed is becoming paramount.

I had a trial shift with a new and potentially regular client which went brilliantly. We’d decided to focus on two things for the 5 hour booking: an editorial review of his website and a blog post. He sent over a few ideas for various blogs and I ended up completing the editorial review in really good time which left room for three blogs to be written. I was really pleased with the work I produced and so was he. A good impression made regardless of the outcome so I’m very happy with that.

I also received my first VA to VA advice request this month which took me by surprise. It’s great to know that the LinkedIn messaging I’m sending out a) made her feel I was approachable enough to ask for advice and b) showed her that I’m capable of answering her query.

There’s a great community of VAs out there- I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how willing these entrepreneurial women are to support other women in the field (I’m sure there are male VAs out there but I’ve not come across them just yet!). It would be so easy to fall into the old-fashioned trap of keeping your cards close to your chest and not cheerleading for your competitors but, thankfully, this community sees the value in openly encouraging each other. Refreshing.

The highlight this month I think has to be a new affiliation with PLATF9RM – a gorgeous co-working, office and event space with buildings in Brighton and Hove. I used to work in their Brighton space when I was employed and got to know the team while I was there- a great bunch of very hard working individuals. I decided to reach out to see if I could add my services to their member benefits package and received a warm welcome so, as of the 1st November 2019, any PLATF9RM members that sign up with me will receive 10% off my hourly rate for their first 8 weeks. I’m hopeful it will make my services more accessible to the freelancers and small businesses that use the co-working spaces- we shall see.

Now that I’m 3 months in, I’m aware that I must keep up the momentum; keep up my LinkedIn presence, go to the networking events and get my name out there where ever possible. I must not let the never ending greyness dim my spirits. Must. Remain. Focussed.

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