December 19 to February 2020!

I may have dropped the ball slightly when it comes to my ‘monthly’ blog. Thankfully, it’s for very good reasons…

December got very busy (awesome), then my husband and I put an offer in on a house (terrifying but awesome), then Christmas happened (which also brought with it several ridiculous car journeys involving 10 hour stints in traffic jams and lots of vomit… with a toddler), then New Year came and went and suddenly I was back at the helm with more work coming in, lots of paperwork for the mortgage to be done and, with the relentless tasks that come with motherhood thrown into the mix, my blog may’ve fallen to the bottom of the list…phew. That was a long sentence!

To re-wind slightly, a client update. I’m now very proud to say I have only 3.5 hours a week available which is fantastic. I love my clients, we have great relationships and I enjoy the variety of tasks that come my way. Very happy bunny.

On the house side of things, we’re obviously incredibly lucky to be in a position to buy and we’re very grateful, however, I was unaware of just how deeply stressful and loooooong the process could be. I think compared to most, things are actually moving quite quickly for us but we’re still waiting on our mortgage offer. This means that, although we’re ready to exchange the second it comes through, we’re in VERY deep (emotionally and financially) with no real guarantee that we’ll be able to go ahead. Scary stuff. Not helped by our landlord deciding to sell our current property at the same time… no pressure! If you’re reading this, keep your fingers crossed for me.

Back to the world of being a Virtual Assistant- I absolutely LOVE it.

I’ve never felt more confident in my abilities, free to express myself and able to utilise my skills on both my administrative and creative sides.

I pitched for a new client this week (another reason to keep those fingers crossed as I’m still waiting to hear back from them as I write this!) and, as someone who runs a mile at the thought of public speaking, I was a little nervous. It helped that I knew one of the team from a networking group I attended back in August but I still felt a shot of adrenaline as we sat down around the table. Then I surprised myself.

I heard everything I’ve learned over the past few months come out of my mouth in an informative, coherent manner… I did not see that coming! I felt calm, confident and genuinely capable of taking on their requirements. A very empowering feeling and one that I’ll hold on to regardless of the outcome.

So there you go- a busy few months with lots of client work and less time to spend on my own blog and social media presence- but it’s just a case of getting used to a new rhythm and making the time. So here I am.

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