September 2019 – Networking…

A very busy second month with lots of networking, a nice little buzz of interest from potential clients and, unbelievably, a video upload…

The month started off on slightly wobbly footing as I missed a scheduled networking event! It was pouring with rain so, rather than risk turning up looking like a drowned rat, I booked myself a taxi. The agreed time of 08:45 came and went… I left several voicemails for the absent chauffeur before having to give in and email an apology to the organiser. Livid.

Never mind – onwards and upwards!

I dusted myself off and, later that week, headed to a Brighton Freelancers event at the Redroaster in Brighton (far swankier now than it was last time I was in there!) to meet some fellow freelancers and make some new contacts. This event didn’t disappoint. I met many lovely people who were all so generous with their offers of help and support- I’ll definitely make time to go to their next daytime event if at all possible. Brownies were good too…

By this time, I was receiving several messages from potential new clients and had suggested a retainer option for one that had been sending adhoc work so we’re definitely moving in the right direction.

The final event of the month was a Brighton Chamber event called “High Growth – the future of sales, marketing and influencers is here” which was absolutely brilliant. It was also lovely to attend an event along side one of my closest friends, Flo Powell of Midnight Communications, and to see her in full business-woman mode.

I’d been speaking to a friend of mine in the week previous about an idea I’d had to do a video for LinkedIn (something wildly out of my comfort zone) and the panel of speakers at this event certainly pushed that idea onward. Their take on marketing was to remain genuine, personal and to consistently tell your story which resonated with me beautifully.

So, this happened! It took half a day, some deep breaths, some determination (and lots of googling to add those darn captions) but I uploaded my first video. Not much of an achievement to some but to me, a bit of a triumph:

In the final week of September I secured a ‘trial shift’ of sorts with my first organic client- if everyone in the world could keep their fingers crossed for me that would be great… too much to ask?!

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